Are Warranties Really Worth It?

My personal experience with warranties has been a bad one. I am one of  those super careful people who fills out all the little forms, sends in  the warranty, and files it away in a well-organized cabinet. However,  not once has a warranty still been valid when the product failed. The  last time I bought a laptop I finally said, “Forget it!” Am I alone in  this experience?

Due to increasing complexity and mobility of any high-tech devices,  manufacturer’s warranty periods have become shorter and shorter.  Extended warranties can be pricey but often make sense. But do you get  what you pay for? Read More

How to Speed Up Your Slow Android Device

Android is the most popular and most used mobile operating system in the world. Android smartphones have very customizable, easy interface and are very affordable. Android devices range from as low as $50 to a luxurious $850. A user has choice to choose the power of his device according to his needs on this common platform. But after using the android devices for a few time, a lot of users have reported their devices are slowing down and experiencing lags every now and then. A strange problem where the text editor won’t add the text and reads the touch a bit late, another lag issue where the menu tray won’t appear when the user touches menu button are being experienced by users.These thing is totally avoidable if the device is handled correctly and proper measures are taken. Read More

What is the future of Smartphones?

Today in the first article of Scifi Hairball, we are going to talk about the latest and upcoming trends in the world of smartphones. Smartphones are very rapidly growing and are the most common electronic device on the face of the earth. Almost everyone has a smartphone in today’s world. And trends and new technologies are being introduced in the world of smartphones everyday. Due to this old phones are getting outdated very soon and new ones are replacing them. Today we will discuss about the newest smartphones trends and technologies that are emerging these days. So, lets begin the list. Read More