How to Speed Up Your Slow Android Device

Android is the most popular and most used mobile operating system in the world. Android smartphones have very customizable, easy interface and are very affordable. Android devices range from as low as $50 to a luxurious $850. A user has choice to choose the power of his device according to his needs on this common platform. But after using the android devices for a few time, a lot of users have reported their devices are slowing down and experiencing lags every now and then. A strange problem where the text editor won’t add the text and reads the touch a bit late, another lag issue where the menu tray won’t appear when the user touches menu button are being experienced by users.These thing is totally avoidable if the device is handled correctly and proper measures are taken.

Android fast

How to Boost Up Android Phone’s Speed

  1. Uninstall or Disable Unwanted Apps
    Go to settings and then open installed apps. There you can see all the apps installed to your device. You can select the one that you do not use and Uninstall them from your device. If there are pre installed apps that you do not use, you can disable them to save the ram and storage of your device to improve the overall performance of your device.
  2. Clear Cached Data and RAM Regularly
    Go to settings and then Storage, there you can see the cached data, which should be cleared regularly to keep the device fast and save the storage space. Similarly keep clearing the RAM and free it up to experience faster and better performance.
  3. Limit Usage of Widgets
    Don’t use unnecessary widgets, they load separately and hence slow down the device. There are some spammy apps that fill your screen with widgets without you manually placing them, You should uninstall such apps and remove their widgets to improve device performance.
  4. Do Factory Reset
    If you feel that the above methods aren’t working well and your phone still feels to be slow then you will have to perform a factory reset. The factory reset helps a lot to boost your android device and it will perform like a brand new device. Just go to settings, then Backup and Restore there select the factory reset option and wait for the magic to happen. Do remember to take a backup of all your data before doing a factory reset.
  5. Root Your Android Device
    Rooting your android device is the ultimate solution for a slowing android device. by rooting your device, you can remove all bloatware and use light ROMs with absolutely no or minimal pre installed apps. You can free your device from the heavy or buggy stock ROMs and use your device’s hardware to its full capabilities.


These 5 ways will surely help you to improve your android phone’s performance. Do remember to share your results with us and tell us which of the above 5 solutions helped you the most. Share this article with your friends who have an Android phone to help them improve their phone’s speed.

What is the future of Smartphones?

Today in the first article of Scifi Hairball, we are going to talk about the latest and upcoming trends in the world of smartphones. Smartphones are very rapidly growing and are the most common electronic device on the face of the earth. Almost everyone has a smartphone in today’s world. And trends and new technologies are being introduced in the world of smartphones everyday. Due to this old phones are getting outdated very soon and new ones are replacing them. Today we will discuss about the newest smartphones trends and technologies that are emerging these days. So, lets begin the list.

Upcoming Future Technologies in Smartphones

  1. Curved Displays
    One of the newest trend in the smartphone world is of curved displays. Though we are yet to find more practical usage of these instead of just showing off. Curved displays can prove to be the future of the smartphone industry. The devices like  smartwatches and glasses are the things where we can leverage the power of curved displays and make their full use.
  2. Finger Print Sensors
    Finger print sensors are already being introduced by almost every companies’ flagship smartphone but can it be the future of all transactions. We have started using our fingerprints to unlock our phones but can we build such rugged  payment systems to depend on our fingerprint sensors to make payments. Apple has already started using fingerprints for Apple Pay. Let’s see how it works out.
  3. 3D Touch
    This new term released by apple refers to touch whose intensity can be determined by the smartphones. It can prove out to be a very useful feature and make smartphones more responsive and smarter than they are today. This can save a lot of time and make smartphones efficient.
  4. Smart Homes
    As we see almost everything is getting connected to our smartphones. This new sector of smart houses is really growing at a fast rate. This includes automating almost everything we have to at our homes and even increase security of our houses. This has made really huge growth since past few months and is a really promising sector.
  5. IOT
    Internet of Things is showing really huge potential since past few months. And the idea is to connect everything to network and then deliver it to the palm of your hand to your smartphones. It is a sector with a huge potential. Almost every thing that requires manual check, can be automated with the help of IOT and the information can be delivered straight to your phone.


Hope you liked our article on upcoming future technologies in the world of smartphones. If you think we missed out some other important thing, feel free to tell us about it. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media.